Bet you $100. We can’t win the battle against this virus (and mutations) without IVERMECTIN. FDA approved in 1998, it is safe and dramatically effective. NIH has finally said “ok- we don’t oppose” 400K lives too late.

We have more science and RWE on this drug than most OTC medicines.

Ivermectin is safe (FDA approved since 10-’98), dramatically effective against covid-19 (tons of data), inexpensive and easily taken (tablet form, costs pennies). You will see plenty of data to convince you. Hundreds of thousands of lives can be saved and suffering ended and the economy restored, all quickly.

How to do that? Simply get the FDA and NIH to stop dallying. Approve, promote and distribute this drug immediately. ( WHO prequalified it in September!)


I know this topic inside out. If I can help you get moving forward, feel free to call. But do get moving please. Time is critical.


Here’s my story:

We expect 3,500 deaths per day for at least the next 90 days (315K). Significant herd immunity isn’t expected till December 2021. So the total beyond 90 days and that time is frightening to the point of being unthinkable.


We know definitely that the drug ivermectin has dramatic effect in prophylaxis, through early and mid stages after onset, in critical care and even in treatment of “long hauler” symptoms. It’s an FDA approved drug (October 1998). Named a “wonder drug” by the Nobel Committee (2015) and “essential medicine” by the WHO. It’s safe. With 4 decades of experience and 3.7 billion people treated, there’s no mystery. We know from that RWE and clinical/observational studies there are no significant side effects.

Many victims of this virus die of heart failure, the result of struggling desperately for breath in their final minutes. So if we know all that (and we do) and still don’t act to promote ivermectin distribution and use, are we not complicit in those horrific deaths? Certainly we are. Doing nothing is not an option.

Saving huge numbers of lives is very much within our grasp.

I refuse to stand by. And so should you. We must work everyday to contact big voices, movers and shakers (legislators, celebrities, news agencies, etc.) who can move the FDA and western medicine to get off dead center and act. And work to promote the petition. The link is provided.

Just watch the foremost experts (not wackos) make their case (to ignore the advice of the highly reputable, credible experts in the field and to discount their data is IGNORANCE). Watch their December 4 news conference:

Endorsements come from the best scientists AROUND the globe. This one recently from Bulgaria: Recent additions include Slovakia, Zimbabwe and Macedonia.

This event December 8 — Dr Kory’s testimony before Senator Johnson’s Senate Committee:

If you think they’re wrong, please show me the science that disputes their findings. Foolishness. It doesn’t exist.

Rise up today to change the inevitable. The effect will be clear within days (not weeks) of approval and implementation. 3,500 deaths per day go to <200 because of your actions. Rise up.




More affirmation data in the body of the petition Please sign it, promote it, forward it.


Gary P. George/ 330–283–4720/



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